Woolwich regular garden maintenance

Planting Primulas this autumn was a big task at this wonderful Hunters Hill / Woolwich garden. We planted out something like 70 punnets throughout the garden so spring will be a blast of colour.

Woolwich garden maintenance

One of the most beautiful gardens we look after. This place is a joy to work in but a lot of work to maintain as there’s always something to do. When we started here the lawn was mostly yellow and dry. We scarified it and brought it back to life though it has just been battered again by the brutal summer heat. Looking forward to the cooler weather all round Sydney so some of the new planting we have undertaken can have a chance to rest and establish itself.

Private garden maintenance Coogee

Images from one of the gardens that we maintain on a weekly basis in Coogee, in the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney. We don’t usually trim hedges in bare feet!

Laying new turf in Woollahra

Laying turf can be fairly straightforward, but on this property in Woollahra we had to remove deeply rooted existing plants and shrubs first, as these formed a false border on the property, which would simply confuse buyers when the house went on the market the following week. Extending the lawn of course meant matching the turf and doing away with the bed, prepping the top soil and then laying the turf and maintaining it while it bedded in. There was a lot of green waste as well; never overlook this when asking a gardener for a quote , as chances are it won’t all fit in your green bin and trips to the appropriate green waste tip are not cheap in Sydney!


Vaucluse private garden maintenance

This beautiful property in Vaucluse, in Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs, gets a weekly cuddle from our team. Lots of people neglect their palm trees and just leave the dead fronds to droop and dry up and (hopefully) fall, but they look so much better if you trim them regularly, removing dead growth before it falls. It’s safer as well!

Vaucluse garden rejuvenation

This small-ish garden in Vaucluse (Eastern Suburbs) was treated to a 3-hour makeover, full tidy, re-mulching of beds, mow and preparing some areas for re-planting.

Woollahra garden clean-up

We did the front garden of this house (see other post) but this was a section at the rear of the house we didn’t even realise existed at first. This took a couple of hours work for two guys and a trailer-load of waste to the tip. Just a pity we didn’t get to pressure-clean the paving.

Annandale Inner-West garden tidy

This garden tidy-up was a half-day job for two guys. The pictures don’t tell the whole story as we also trimmed the high trees at the back of the property, laid mulch throughout the flower beds and potted 3 new Buxus in large pots. Pressure-cleaning the pavers would have completed the look but unfortunately that wasn’t on the cards. As with many of our garden clean-ups, we’re happy that this also turned into a regular maintenance job for our gardening teams.

Inner-west Sydney garden clean-up beforehand

Inner-west garden clean-up after shot

Lane Cove Garden Clearance

We cleared this jungle of a garden in Lane Cove (and the garage roof too). We even found some pavers! This was a full day for 3 of our guys with the chainsaw, polesaw, whipper with a selection of blades, secateurs and even machetes – and a 6-cubic-metre skip bin full to the brim by the end of it. We applied weedkiller to the pavers so hopefully even without maintenance it’s still looking respectable!

Bellevue Hill garden tidy

This was a deceased estate in Bellevue Hill, in Sydney’s eastern suburbs, which we cleared for Savills Double Bay. There wasn’t much tree cover but there was a LOT of long grass which needed whipping and mowing twice. We also edged and mowed the nature strip and then sprayed throughout to keep the pathways, which in places were not even visible, clear.