Hunters Hill New Garden

We were tasked with creating a brand new garden bed for our client in Hunters Hill, on Sydney’s north shore. After cutting out the bed and replenishing the top soil, we were happy they agreed to a recycled brick edge (lovely bricks courtesy of ) which we cemented in. To finish, we had to fit timber retention beneath the rear fence to stop soil washing down the slope and over the cliff behind. Looking forward to updating this job when it’s planted out!

Point Piper Garden Renovation

This big communal garden in Point Piper (Sydney’s eastern suburbs) had been minimally maintained and rather neglected when we came in to look at renovating the existing planting and take over the maintenance. The brief required colour and interest, with hedges and low cost both a factor. We avoided the obvious Sydney planting: the old Murrayas, Viburnum and Lilly Pillies had to go. In their place we planted Hibiscus ’Tiny Tina’, Michelia coco and a top row of Callistemon viminalis ’Slim’ for the birds. We kept the lovely tree fern and underplanted that shady spot with Bergenias, Impatiens and Acanthus mollis. As groundcover in the lower bed we planted the ever-reliable Limonium perezii and a lovely native daisy that is still underused, Brachyscome multifida.


Bondi Garden Renovation

After an extensive renovation of the house, our clients in North Bondi needed new planting to match. The brief was very tricky: green and tropical-ish, but with a northerly, very exposed position and inflatable-friendly plants (no sharp edges!). We know from a property on the same street that Tiger Grass (Thysanolaena maxima) would do well here (and Bamboo was a pet hate), so we brought in rich compost to enable this. The challenge was then to create an environment where other less needy but full-sun tolerant plants would survive. The rear bed against the fence is only 400mm wide so ongoing maintenance will be needed to keep access to the back of the pool and stop the bed getting too overgrown. The newly painted fence really helps the greens pop. At the front of the house was a patch of sand which we brought to life with new soil and a host of good-old shade-tolerant and tough Aspidistra elatior.

Glebe Strata Gardens Maintenance

Yes – we do garden maintenance too! Private gardens and strata gardens throughout the Sydney metro area. Pictures below are of a large complex garden in Glebe.


Eastern Suburbs Garden Maintenance

Always a pleasure to maintain this beautiful property in Vaucluse. One of our favourites, that formal style of hedging works so much better when it is suited to the architecture.


Vaucluse water feature renovation

At one of our favourite Vaucluse properties, with a garden that’s a pleasure to maintain, this old water feature was defunct and unwanted. Considering the access, removing the remaining pebblecrete bowl would be crazy and expensive, so instead our client asked us to somehow fill and plant it out – a great idea!

To complicate the task, the basin sits at the bottom of a channel running from the bottom of the cliffs above, and installing drainage wasn’t in the scope. After a bit of research we found some Lomandras that can handle having wet feet, and after 9 man hours moving a cubic metre of soil from the street below, we were pretty happy with the results.

Let’s hope we can get some perennials in to finish it off for spring.


Woolwich regular garden maintenance

Planting Primulas this autumn was a big task at this wonderful Hunters Hill / Woolwich garden. We planted out something like 70 punnets throughout the garden so spring will be a blast of colour.

Woolwich garden maintenance

One of the most beautiful gardens we look after. This place is a joy to work in but a lot of work to maintain as there’s always something to do. When we started here the lawn was mostly yellow and dry. We scarified it and brought it back to life though it has just been battered again by the brutal summer heat. Looking forward to the cooler weather all round Sydney so some of the new planting we have undertaken can have a chance to rest and establish itself.

Private garden maintenance Coogee

Images from one of the gardens that we maintain on a weekly basis in Coogee, in the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney. We don’t usually trim hedges in bare feet!

Laying new turf in Woollahra

Laying turf can be fairly straightforward, but on this property in Woollahra we had to remove deeply rooted existing plants and shrubs first, as these formed a false border on the property, which would simply confuse buyers when the house went on the market the following week. Extending the lawn of course meant matching the turf and doing away with the bed, prepping the top soil and then laying the turf and maintaining it while it bedded in. There was a lot of green waste as well; never overlook this when asking a gardener for a quote , as chances are it won’t all fit in your green bin and trips to the appropriate green waste tip are not cheap in Sydney!