forestville sydney staircase end of build clean

Forestville end of build clean

This new-build is a high-end show home in Forestville (Waringah Rd), with 4 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms and lots of glass. We cleaned the entire house top to bottom, inside and out. Being a show home the clean was very detailed. Door hinges were cleaned of paint, bathroom floors were detailed, gluey edges on the kitchen cabinetry were cleaned and of course all drawers were pulled out and we cleaned behind them all, as well as the cupboard door hinges and the drawer tracks. Luckily the chandeliers were fully covered throughout the build and did not need cleaning, which saved a lot of time.

walk-in wardrobe forestville

forestville show home upstairs

sydney after-build cleaned upstairs

forestville sydney staircase end of build clean

Fairlight / Northern Beaches reno clean

Another half-day after-build clean at this great little 2-bed apartment in Fairlight. Benchtops were razor-scraped, windows were razor-scraped and cleaned with super fine steel wool, bathroom tiles were hand detailed..and more! It’s not often we see a small unit that has character, light and warmth, but the reno here was great and it was a pleasure to work on.

Lilyfield after-build clean interior

Lilyfield construction/end-of-build clean

Love doing these after build cleans for Savvy Group Constructions , a cool, family-run building company that are always easy to work with. This small house in Lilyfield, in Sydney’s booming inner-west, was a great example of how to update an old space and introduce fun, light and style. We performed a full end-of-build clean of the entire 3-bed house, which was a bit of a challenge as work was still going on in the back yard. With the back doors closed we managed to minimise the dust and were pretty happy with the result.

Lilyfield after-build clean interior

Lilyfield construction clean of bathroom

house in Lilyfield cleaned after construction

Drummoyne council bathrooms – final clean

We cleaned up these new bathrooms in the Canada Bay council chambers in Drummoyne. This was a huge amount of work for such a small space and entailed hand-detailing the floor in order to get rid of all the extraneous grout and paint. We go there in the end and were pretty pleased with the result. The photos below illustrate the start, middle and end of the process.


Seaforth reno end-of-build clean

A relatively big job spread across a week, this high-end property has plenty of glass and the detailing of fixtures and fittings was pretty extensive.

For the high window cleaning we brought in the water-fed pole with purified water, which allows us to clean from the ground, safely and without leaving streaks. Thanks to our colleagues at Pressure & Steam who pitched in to help us on this one at the busiest time of the year!

Aged-care home clean and detail

This 2-level, 34-room care home was cleaned and detailed in 2 parts, each clean undertaken by a team of 8 cleaners over 3 days (including 9 man hours just to clean the lift!).

It’s always a challenge when trades are still on-site – especially painters sanding down walls! – but we got it done and were pretty proud of the results.

View of the kitchen during our Chatswood after-build clean-up

Chatswood renovation clean-up

We cleaned the entirety of this renovated double-storey house in Chatswood on Sydney’s north shore. Another great job by Nouvelle and always a pleasure to work on a site that has been tidied by the various tradies that came before us.

This was actually an initial clean before we went back to detail – you can see this by the bathroom floor tiles which still have grout haze on them. Grout haze removal can be one of the hardest aspects of after-build cleaning, usually involving a couple of hours scraping, buffing, rubbing, scrubbing and detailing by hand. We are very skeptical of the large amount of articles online that advise how to clean grout haze as most of these simply don’t work very well, especially if the floor has been left for a few weeks, which is very likely if the builders have been in for a while and doing more than just the one room. Our only advice for removing grout haze is to get a professional to do it. By all means try vinegar and water, but 9 times out of 10 this won’t achieve the desired result.

Initial builders clean of new bathroom in Chatswood
View of the kitchen during our Chatswood after-build clean-up
Chatswood renovation end-of-build clean

End-of-build aged-care village

We cleaned up these units at the Scalabrini aged-care village in Allambie. Especially love doing these kind of jobs – good (clean) trades and textbook cleaning. Surfaces include vinyl sheeting, stainless steel fittings, tiled walls, glass. Grout, silicone and dust throughout.

Final result of after build clean

Mosman bathroom renovation clean

Simple and straightforward new bathroom clean in Mosman on Sydney’s lower north shore. This was a good two hours with hand detailing of the floor. We love the way it came up.

Final result of after build clean

Mosman bathroom final clean

Mosman renovation end-of-build clean

A superb renovation by Elliott Projects in Mosman, north Sydney. Cleaned and detailed throughout to ‘showroom’ standard. Grout, silicone, gyprock, paint spots…all gone!