ARC’s after-build cleaning service leaves your property in ‘showroom’ condition. We love to detail to the highest standard, getting rid of dust, silicon, paint, grout and whatever else the trades left behind!

The beauty of end-of-build cleaning, especially for a new build property, is that the client’s expectations are much less ambiguous than in most other types of cleaning — fittings and fixtures are new so it’s immediately apparent if they are clean or not.

On the other hand, cleaning up after renovations in Sydney, where a lot of older houses are part-modernised, can be trickier because there may be pre-existing dirt or wear and tear, so the expectation of the client has to be determined in advance and this in turn may extend the length of the job.

When performing construction cleaning for home owners in particular, managing expectations is a fundamental part of the process. For example, that one window with paint spatter on it could take an hour to clean and detail. Really! Often we hear “It should just be a quick job”, but the difference between a quick wipe and a detailed after-build clean is huge!

As you can tell, we take our construction cleaning seriously! If you’d like to discuss a job or just get us in to quote or offer advice, please get in touch.

Single rooms to large scale developments

From basic cleans to fine detailing

Brick washing, pressure cleaning, window cleaning

Attention to detail!

100% reliable

Fully insured

Satisfaction guaranteed

English-speaking team

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